RSLoad v1.00 - Easily generate your daily 255 Rapid points.

It's a cool program that make exactly 255 points per day. All you need to do is put your user and pass of your premium account, upload a 5 MB file (to the account you want to make points (premium or collectors account)).

and push "Start", And everything is automatically till it gets to exactly 255 times, and then it stops.

And if you afraid to use it so: The program has been tested on 36 different antivirus (not by me).

And i use it for a week now and nothing happened until now.

some notes:

1) You will need Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 installed to run it.

2) You have to check "direct download" in your premium account.

3) The downloads are with you premium account that means you pay 255*5 Mb every day (if u use it dialy).

Great program you should try it!!

Download The Programme From Here

Use this file (After reuploading it to your collector account) as download link:

With RSLoad, we can get a maximum of 255 points per day, 7650 points per month, that is 75% of the rapidpoints required to extend or create RapidShare Premium account.

i hope you will enjoy it!!

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